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2008 Rarden Community Park Progress

Just an update on how our community park is progressing. We had so much damage from last years terrible rains and ruts from all the traffic on the grounds, that it took most of what we made to repair that damage and install sub-surface drainage system.Hence many of the planned improvements had to be postponed for future funding. We HAVE managed to complete the new Picnic Shelter on the south park side now complete with picnic table seating for 48-50 people. This project, as with most all the park projects, was completed with ALL VOLUNTEER LABOR. Many thanks to those who gave up their time with families and evenings, weekends, along with donated gasoline, tools, and a lot of sweat this hot summer to see this project thru. Special thanks to Southern Ohio Concrete and Tim Copas Roofing for the Concrete Floor and new roof installations. There are too many other volunteers to mention here, but you know who you are and I thank you!

We also have expanded our Park’s Electric service with the addition of a 400A service on the south side near the shelter and an additional 200A on the north side. This will insure continued growth of the Whitetail Festival in the years to come.

We’re really proud of the Cleveland Pear trees that have been installed on the south side along St Rt 73. They’re really a pretty site in the spring when they’re covered with white blooms. We would like to add some more of those in the future as money permits. We will try to add some BBQ grills at the south shelter eventually and and maybe a few more pieces of playground equipment, but it all takes money and quite a bit of it…

If you would like to help fund this project, pledge forms are still available and can be picked up at McAllisters One-Stop in Rarden or can be requested by mail at Rarden Park Fund, PO Box 158 Rarden, Ohio 45671, or stop by the Festival Committee Tent this year.

I also want to thank the members of our Rarden Community for keeping your park clean and orderly and supporting the park fund over the years…..

Gene McAllister
Rarden Park Committee

Festival Panoramic – Early Sunday, September 26th 2004

2006 Rarden Community Park Progress

Just an update on our community park’s progress. Last year’s Whitetail Deer Festival provided funding to purchase a  brand new 345 20 hp John Deere mowing tractor for keeping your park’s grass mowed, neat, and clean.  We purchased this equipment late last year and has been in use all this year making the grounds well groomed, as it should be.

Plans are also underway for another picnic shelter on the south side of the park. We should have enough funds for plans,  materials, and concrete and with volunteer labor, a 24′ x 36′ shelter with picnic tables near the playground equipment.  We had hoped the state plans and bids would be completed so construction could be finished by this year’s festival,  but not sure that’s
going to happen in time.

Also, in the works, are plans to expand the paved basketball court for a larger play area and improve the  space required for the 3-on-3 tournaments each year.

If the 2006 Festival does well enough, that may be a reality for 2007.

Also, planning some repaving of the walking track and resealing and striping of the parking areas. It all takes money and  lots of it. Even with a lot of volunteer labor, funding is big problem in small communities like Rarden, so remember that,  and support our Park Fund.

Thanks for your support over the years.
For contribution forms write :

Rarden Park Fund
P.O. Box 158
Rarden, Ohio 45671

Gene McAllister
Rarden Park Committee